Monday, May 11, 2009

Usually I try not to be divisive. But now I need to be.

In my house growing up we were White Sox fans. It is in my blood. It is like my blue eyes and freckles...a White Sox fan I will be. A few years ago I was thrilled when the won the world series. I got to crow loud about it to my Cubs fan husband at my teams prowess.

He is a Cubs fan..I forgave him and married him anyway and assumed that I would be able to rehabilitate him. Thankfully he never was as fervent of a Cubs fan as I was a Sox fan.. I could tolerate a lot of poor things in a mate but never fervant Cub love...seriously why???

This year I was thrilled to learn the White Sox by a 52% majority had the better fans. Yet again... Sox are better.

But now the cunundrum. I want to take the kids to a ball game but which to take them too? Honor their father and damn my soul and go to a Cubs game? Or be true to myself and go to a Sox game??


felicia said...

Duh...Crosstown Classic. Done and done!

Just Me said...

I would but I am cheap! those tickets are pricey! But I love the cross town classic.

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