Happiest Moment in Your Life

Friday, May 1, 2009

I was reminded of this by watching a Sesame Street rerun in which a segment was a spoof of the "This is Your Life" in this episode Broccoli was featured. Anyway...I was thinking to happy times. Meeting B. Marrying him. Kids. House.... They are all great memories and I do not want to say they are in anyway less special. But the happiest moment is nothing momentous. Nothing grand.

It was waking up with my head on B's shoulder/collar bone in my 'spot' his arm draped over me. His smell...our smell.. waking up gently with the sun- free to snuggle back in and doze. I could tilt my head and kiss his jaw then tease him for the scruff. That is my happy time.

It is a time in which I was completely enveloped in love. How much I loved him...how much he loved me. Feeling safe, feeling secure, feeling right.


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