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Thursday, April 30, 2009

the fire department in the town where we live has an excellent response time and they also have really hot medics and firemen...sorry it is true!! They were also great about loading all of the kids into the ambulance and taking us to the ER. Princess got to sit in the front seat and had a great time. She chatted that medic's ear off. At least he was used to it he has 9 children. Seriously? 9. they must own a vineyard somewhere.

Stinky had a febrile seizure yesterday. Those were some of the most terrifying moments ever. Granted it was a short episode but seeing your son unresponsive and shaking uncontrollably and then out of it for a while is scary.

He is fine now he was dehydrated and had an ear infection and a spot on his throat but all of that should clear up with some antibiotics.

He would not eat all day. He only had 2 pedialyte popsicles all day...which is not enough. Also getting any medicine in him is like wrestling an octopus. Even the er nurse had a hard time which made me feel a little better about the difficulty I had...she couldn't to it either..so he ended up with meds up his bum..which he also knows how to squeeze out. The poor RN had to sit there and hold it in while it dissolved.

My son was so brave. He was such a big boy with he got an IV. After 25occ of fluid and some tushie tylenol when we were leaving he was requesting 'nuggets, chench fries (french fries) and ketchup to make him happy' which he got and he ate.

The ER was great with the other kids. I had everyone with me (of course)...and Princess had a popsicle and shared with Peas.. When we were leaving they got ER swag. rubber ducks, stickers, and sunglasses...great now they want to go back,


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