good deeds

Thursday, April 9, 2009

as I was sipping my tea looking out at the nice day debating how much courage going outside will require. I received an email about the Duncan Donuts Iced Coffee day. I started thinking to the last time I stopped at a DD for coffee.. It was the day that Stinky was born. I had been discharged from the hospital for pre term labor...headed over for a quick ultrasound to track his growth, then I was supposed to be going home to bed rest instead I was going to work. I stopped at the DD to pick up some coffee.

little did I know that they did not take credit cards who carries cash these days??? to my shock and amazement a woman standing behind me offered to pay for my iced coffee..which incidentally I typically hate. anyway. that random good deed made my day--well until Stinky made his appearance a few hours later.

So thank you--- to that really nice person. 2 and a half years later I still remember her kindness


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