Peas story

Friday, April 3, 2009

This is a cute albeit slightly odd story:

Tonight I made fillet of sole for dinner with oven roasted potatoes and veggies. The kids really enjoyed it...especially the potatoes.... they are an homage to my dads mom who had a knack for it that no one could match. (seriously we have all tried and failed to make this...even when she was living she would tell us how she did it but we could not recreate it)

after dinner I give the dogs the left-overs typically I toss them right in their bowl and let them have at it. Tonight was no different set the leftovers on the ground..started clean up....but...i forgot to let the dogs in. so Peas was wandering around and noticed the food on the ground. she walked over to it and picked through the food to reveal the potatoes. She put one in her mouth and one in each hand and walked off giggling. She knew exactly what she wanted.

Before anyone gets a grossed out. I did clean the bowls before putting the food in. No dogs had eaten from them since being washed.

This is extra entertaining because I have an absurd love affair with potatoes. Very odd. Seriously I adore them except potato salad.. strange no?? but Peas is my daughter and the spud love is apparently genetic


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