I figrured it out!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

After months of attempting to decipher my childrens behavior I get it!!

They are trying to get me to lose my mind entirely.

B thinks he is a mini magician and attempted to pull the table clothe out from under the breakfast dishes...that was a big fat FAIL! he ended up dumping bowls of cereal and milk literally on his head..why? just why?

You know on a popular childrens show they have a letter of the day and a number of the day....we have a word of the day...today it is "NO!" or "stop it"

No you may not stick your hand down the dogs throat. (I am thankful that the dogs are so patient but come one)

No you may not body check the baby

No the furniture is not a jungle gym.

no you may not play with the bat in the house.

No no no no no...


but with faces as cute as theirs how can you not adore them...

the biggest issue is I am trapped at home my car is getting repaired so I cannot even 'escape' the chaos for a change of scenery the arboretum or something somewhere else.


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