It is the small things...really

Saturday, April 11, 2009

recently I had the opportunity to observe my father interacting with my children playing.... It was say the least.

My father and I when I was little were extremely close- to the point where my mother has said that she felt like the odd man out. However when I reached adolescence he and I were at odds constantly. "At odds" being an exceptionally light way of putting it. It was clash of the stubborn titans. Lots of things were said and done that hurt. Both of us. We needed to retreat for a while lick our wounds and come back. Now we do not talk about the 'bad time' it is not mentioned. What happened during those years is not discussed...ever. (good and bad because those are the years that I do not remember most of)

Anyway.. Watching my father play with the kids was so fantastic. To them he is king..Papa can do anything. He can fix anything. He is superman. They love him they love playing and he can make them light up to play like no one else. I am so glad that he can do that for him. When I was little my daddy was superman too. My daddy was the best. His lap was the most comfortable. He could fix anything. Make anything not scary. He was the strongest man in the world.

Even know after everything. My dad holds a place in my heart that cannot be touched. He will always be a man I look up to and respect and I am so pleased the kids can see him in the same light I did.


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