there is nothing fun

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

about a houseful of sick kids. I say that a lot huh? well my kids are champions at catching stuff and they are very generous with germs. That may be the only thing that they share so readily.

Three sick kids the odd thing?? they all seem to have something different. Which if it is the case will make my house entertaining at the very least for a few weeks.

It also makes caring for them difficult. No one remedy for any of them. Princess has a hacking cough, stinky has chills and just doesn't feel good and Peas is a combination there of.

All of this leads me to question what I can do as a mother...I can't help them feel better I can't possibly help them all at the same time. Instead we camp out on the couch and turn on PBS. Not great mothering skills.


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