What? other tv's actually work??

Monday, April 13, 2009

when playing Barney??
Barney 'breaks' my tv. conveniently he also annoys the pants off of me. the wiggles just do not work on my tv. Oddly enough. Caillou is banned. (the whining kills me)

I was surprised to learn that other people's tv's actually work on that stuff...as were my children. 'What? this TV doesn't break??? Mama..this tv can play Barney!!!' It was exclaimed. Hmmm they might be on to me soon. What should I do?


Jenni O'Connor said...

Oddly enough, my TV won't play Barney either. Hmm. It also has been refusing to play a certain hyperkinetic Hispanic explorer. I suppose I should look into it, but... I'm just so busy. :)

Caillou is banned in my house too. I don't even bother with excuses for that one. I just can't stand it.

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