Love for my son

Thursday, April 23, 2009

As much as Stinky can drive me insane and question my decision to procreate I love him and he loves me and he needs me... sure his demands get tiresome and obnoxious but it means he loves me and he certainly does. No one else can snuggle him to sleep like me no one else can help cure an owie just mama will do.

Yes he drives me batty at times. But he sure does love me. I should focus on that instead of him bothering his sisters or the dogs. One day he may not need me so much and I may not be the person he comes running too when no one can make it right. I should cherish those moments of pure childhood love and adoration for me.

That is an all to real fear. One day he will not come running to me to tell me of his triumph in kicking a soccer ball or his frustration with his sisters..but I will always be there loving him watching him he will always be my baby. even when he no longer needs me to dry his tears over a choo-choo.


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