Thursday, April 16, 2009

There are some days when I am afraid of it. Some days I am concerned that if I take the kids out they will mutiny and I am out numbered. When it was just one kid or maybe even two the odds were more least when I have one arm per kid I have a fighting chance. Now I am out manned and sometimes out gunned---it would not be appreciated for me to throw myself on the floor and stage my own little sit in protest or worse a full fledged counter attack so some days we stay home. How come it always seems to be the rainy icky days when I would actually like to take them out somewhere because outdoors is not do able that they channel their inner dictators??

See Princess is a leader- like Isabella of Spain she rallies people behind her...granted 'people' is being used to describe her siblings but she is typically leading the charge. She is also smart. Sometimes a bit too smart. With her skills at getting people together and her intelligence.. I should be concerned very concerned


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