how do I know it was a good day??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It was a great day. Took the training wheels off of a certain princess's bike.. and proceeded to run up and down the street helping her balance with a baby strapped to my back...then with a certain Stinky following behind on his 'yeago' bike. which he does not pedal....just scoots on his feet. In addition to that I helped the Stinky one to pedal his big boy bike and pushed Peas around on her ride on toy.

If that was not enough we played in the garden went for a walk and played in the park then grilled hot dogs and helped them learn the sacred Chicago tradition of 'Chicago Style Hot-Dogs'.

But the real way I knew they had a good day?? when I put them in their bath...the water instantly turned a dingy brown as the dirt rinsed off to reveal very happy very tired children.


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