The Duchess

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the film

I watched this last night. I am happy I was warned that it is not a happy chick flick or a Jane Austen type film. I would have been in for a surprise. Instead it is about the struggles of being a woman who is intelligent in a time when women were property and treated as such.

Georgiana Spencer was an active poliltical player in an era when even voting was closed to women. She had a loveless marriage in which her job was to bear sons..and a philandering husband among other personal tragedies.

The movie resonated with me because as a woman I often forget the struggles that those generations previous to me have had to get women to the point we are today...and take my rights for granted. Seeing a woman fantastically acted go through trials that were all to common to the Georgian era and continue today but yet have no recourse was powerful.

Historically speaking the Georgian era was a time of great change politically.

Anyway I really enjoyed this film and it made me very grateful for so many freedoms and rights that I take for granted


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