sometimes a two for one deal is not all it is cracked up to be

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Especially in the world of parenting. Because you know...I am one person.. One person who has bad days, feels yucky, looses temper, and cannot as much as she tries to do it all.

So please forgive me my loves that today I have not been the parent you deserve. You have been a parent who doesn't feel well, who is crabby and who as much as she regrets it took it out on you who were acting your ages...fantastic as they may be.

These are some of the worst days...when I am emotionally out of gas...have nothing left to give and there for less of a parent that I should be. I turn to PBS instead of outside. These are the days when I wish my husband was here to hand the proverbial baton off too.

Another way the kids are being short changed. There are somethings I have no idea how to do...powerwash, seal the driveway..... pee standing up, take training wheels off a bike...teach someone to ride a bike with two wheels and infinite other home projects that I have no idea how to do.

My son wants to use the bathroom standing..I get that. I understand but you see I have always had the mantra of 'remain seated for the entire performance' unless I am pretending to be a helicopter. ideas???

Princess wants to ride her bike without training do I get those stinkers off??? I can't will them off. I can't yell them off... then once they are off I have no idea how to get her to learn to balance.


briana said...

the training wheels.. without a pair in front of me... I think there is a bolt to loosen. One way to start to help her learn balance is to just raise them so the bike teeters and totters more but still catches her a bit. It may help her to get a feel for balance prior to actually taking them all the way off.

As for peeing standing up - just teach him to point down, to shoot into the toilet. Some people use cheerios as a fun thing to aim at when starting to learn.

not an expert on anything but willing to share what we've tried.

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