shitastic day

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


way to fucking early. 5 am central time- 1:00pm




Peas- vivacious peanut, full of personality
Princess- Beautiful 4 year old--- to smart for her own good
Stinky- 2 year old boy who is very very sweet
Momma- sexy, smart, woman who is a brilliant mom (I said it was a story so I can make myself however I want---nah)
The leapers- the dogs

Act One; Scene One

After a breakfast of french toast and fruit salad. the children start to disassemble the furniture to built a fortress from the invasion of the 'leapers' (dogs).
Princess was getting a bit demanding and a bit bossy so she was asked to remove her self to time out. Which mad her very mad ensuing dramatics

Act One; Scene Two

during the drama Princess wound up and hit momma- hard. Momma recoils in shock and takes a moment to collect herself so not to react in anger. Princess is placed in time out...momma deals.

Act One; Scene Three

Momma calms down and discusses the not nice behavior with Princess- resolution achieved.

Brief intermission for costume change

Act Two; Scene One

Kids are packed into car....Momma still annoyed coming of hitting incident.
Errands are, jewel, Dominick's ...library. At some point my car was damaged fairly severly. It is new (to momma at least) this does not help bad mood. Momma and kids play outside in hopes to reverse icky-ness of day

for an encore:

make up explosion...followed by a deluge of bathwater
an upended cup at dinner
food flinging
as well as a hairball on the new drapes
and another on the living room rug.


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