There are some parenting conundrums

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'll never of them is the draw of things that are 'out of bounds'. Peas- the baby as the others before her are drawn to the wonders that are contained in the dog bowls from splashing in the water to eating pieces of kibble. I spend a a large portion of my time fishing her out of the bowls and fine tuning my finger sweep technique to remove errant pieces of dog food. I used to be much more concerned about her consumption of dog that she has teeth....if she eats one..she eats one.

She is not the first to have the obsession with the dog bowls. Princess then Stinky Rooster all in their own turn were intrigued by the mystery of kibble. There are times when I still pluck Stinky Rooster out of the dog food.

Also the stairs seem to have some draw. Stinky Rooster also had a strange fascination with the stairs. why? who knows but I pluck the baby off the stairs more times a day than I can count.
She is pretty reliable going up the stairs it is down that presents the challenge. But we are working on that...hopefully soon proficiency will be achieved.

But why the draw? What is the magical appeal?


Farrah said...

I put a video of Caden and the dog food on my blog last night. Why are they so attracted to dog food and dog toys?!?! :)

Just Me said...

we do not have the dog toy issue...but the bowls....holy heavens it is nuts!! must be the shiny

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