Cue the Calvary

Monday, March 2, 2009

This is a delayed post. I needed to emotionally recover before I posted about the fun that was last Thursday.

Thursday Princess has school. School is a bit difficult because Stinky 'misses his princess' and is not thrilled to be with out her. It was also raining a lot.

Anyway. Our basement floods when it rains a lot. 12 hours of rain at a fairly steady pace qualify as a lot. So...the flooding started. My mother was there. Which was great actually because I needed the help to keep track of kids while I started the shop vac process. Unfortunately the water was coming in faster than the shop vacs could suck it out.... it was a loosing battle. But like James Paul Jones "I have not yet begun to fight!!". So I called in the Calvary. UT. I called and begged...okay demanded. In my best mom no nonsense voice informed him that I needed help.... sandbags actually... and he came...I swear I heard the bugle charge when he pulled up... through the pouring rain I heard him come. Anyway. The basement is dry.. the 70 lb sandbag is still in the middle of it but it is dry.


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