Spring in Chicago

Monday, March 9, 2009

So we hae had a run of decent days here (followed of course by torrential rain, but that is neither here nor there) We went outside the other day and one of the first things out of Stinky Rooster's (I acquiesced) mouth was 'the heater is on' In a manner of speaking...it was on. It was mid 60's. I went outside barefoot and did not freeze a toe off.
I told a friend this and she commented that the 'heater' would be broken in July and August.

Perspective is a funny thing. To me the 50's or 60's are fantastic after a long winter. After days when getting above 0 was 'warm' and it 'heatwave' temperatures in the teens days of 40's are pretty darn nice. Talk to me again in July when 60's will seem utterly frigid


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