if one is good than three is better

Thursday, March 19, 2009

that is apparently my son's opinion on underwear. He has accomplished the Herculean feat of potty training. It was decidedly less traumatic than Princess's foray into the potty.

However now there is yet another article of clothing to be chosen and donned every morning (or early afternoon, whenever I get to it). Typically his tastes range from Lightening McQueen ('McQueen' in our house--also a generic term for all things "CARS") to Thomas (of Thomas the Tank Engine (thomas is also a generic title bestowed upon choo-choo's in general).

So anyhow it was time to get dressed. Usually I let the kids pick out their own clothes with minimal guidance. My suggestions usually are limited to weather appropriate attire-meaning that I typically advise against a tank top when there are 2 feet of snow...and as the parents of Princess's classmates cam attest they have interesting fashion sense...again I got distracted....sorry... So Stinky Rooster decided that he wanted to wear all three pairs of his brand new underpants. Three pairs of little boy's briefs... I considered it...and it was one of the less odd requests that I have received so three pairs he wore-- and struggled to pull down and up all day...but he was so very proud of himself.


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