toys I hate

Friday, March 27, 2009

there are a few toys that I genuinely dislike. Barbies, Bratz, generally noisy battery operated crap, I prefer more creative exploration oriented toys with the exception of playdoh. I hate playdoh.

It gets EVERYWHERE dries and crusts and is just icky. I do not like it, Sam I am. It is a great is tactile, textured involves imagination etc. But I do not like it.

Today while I was cleaning up breakfast the kids were playing downstairs and not arguing (always a bad sign)...I went down and they had stuck playdoh to the walls along with stickers....and it was now ground into the rug. EVEN BETTER!!!!!

The colors were all muddied. No separating them, My vote use salt dough instead. less chemical crap, fun to make and play with then bake your creations and paint them


Anne said...

I'm new to your blog....I was not able to figure out what happened to your husband....

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