My Last First Date

Saturday, March 28, 2009

B and my first date was nothing specially a lot of our relationship we just kind of went with it.

I was early- my vet moved up my dogs appointment. So I called to see if he could get together earlier...this was not a dinner date or even a cocktail date. So we met and went to portillos of all places. Portillos...yes the man I would marry and father my three children took me to Portillos on our first date.

Then we went to the mall to walk around. We had originally wanted to do something outside but a heavy downpour changed that and it had gotten considerably a lot. We went to Starbucks and chatted some more.

The entire time I kept wanting him to hold my hand or somehow touch me. I not so subltly hinted at that by holding my purse in my outside hand leaving my hand nearest to him for him to luck. When later asked about this he had no clue.. boys....

Neither of us wanted to end the date so we went to his eye doctor. yes on a first date we went to his eye doctor to get his contacts. Then back to his house...where he lived with his parents brothers and sister. That was great...ok well the opposite of great.

Somehow we ended up ticking each other and I kissed him..not lips but next to them. Again B missed the boat. Then a few minutes he kissed me. I melted. Best first kiss. Last first kiss. A great way to end an era of first kisses huh?

Not the greatest of first dates but it suited. and I fell in love. it was over.


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