The Alchemist

Friday, March 20, 2009

This was an awesome book by Paulo Coelho. How do I know it was such an incredible book? Because I read it a month ago and am still thinking about it and am considering buying it. Not on my Kindle an actual hard copy.

When you are on the right path things start coming together. This is not the way it was phrased in the book; it was done ever so more eloquently- but that was a message. A rather overt one...not one of the underlying themes but this one struck me. It was the right time for me to pick up that book. I needed it. At that point I had been floundering in my life.- treading water. Looking for my path. Whatever. I found my way by following the 'signs'. I am still finding my way no destination yet but I am on the path.

The story is about a Spanish Shepard who wanted to marry a towns woman whom he believed to be above him. He set out in search of his treasure to make himself worthy. His search led him through Africa to Egypt and then back to Spain- right where he started. The geography chosen was particularly interesting be cause given the setting (time wise) it was rather acrimonious between the Christians of Spain and the Moors of northern Africa and the nomadic people. The idea that at the Oasis they did not use any weapons but lived in peace and the Moors of northern Africa accepted him as he was despite their difference in creeds was astounding.


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