Accidentally High

Thursday, March 5, 2009

As I adjust my halo I'll say that I have NEVER done illegal drugs or used drugs improperly. I would not know where to get drugs if I was ever so inclined.

Yesterday I had a massive headache. Seriously wretched. I thought I had some left over ibuprofen 800 from having Peas so I figured I would take that to at least take the edge off. Mind you after delivering all three of my children the most I took was an extra strength I went to the bathroom not looking at the packet and took one. I did not think another thing of it. It did take care of my headache. Really Really quickly and entirely. It was great. A bit later I started to feel really tired and really slap happy. Again never thought anything of it.

Later it was pointed out to me that what I thought was ib 800 was actually Tylenol with codeine. huh. well that explains it. I should be grateful I had already returned from my errands for the day and did not endanger anyone.


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