March 4 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nothing of any importance just a fun day. We met a friend and her new beautiful baby- helped her use a ring sling, then went to our favorite toy store ever.

Gepetto's Toy Box in Oak Park is as far as my children are concerned the best place in the world (okay, I like it too- they have the best toys). Stinky loves the Thomas layout Princess loves the dollhouse. Peas loves the stuffed animals. The toys there are the toys that I feel good about giving and getting. They encourage imagination. Watching my children use their imagination to play is like a window into another world. A world where there are princesses, fairies, talking trains, castles all of the wonders of childhood. It makes me happy.

I also found another carrier that I want. I would love a BabyHawk. It was more comfortable than I had anticpated and very pretty...just need to sell something to buy one. Carriers are my purses or shoes. Pretty, fun, and useful. Youd would not catch me spending $400 on a bag, but $200 on a carrier is within the realm of possible.

Today will be another nice day... Time to play outside!


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