Are we sure it is spring??

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chicago has interesting weather. Special really. It is the middle of April and it snowed the other night...not a little snow wither but enough to actually build a snowman with. Special really.

I have lived in the chicago area the vast majority of my life and we get the gamut: tornado's, ice, snow, crazy heat, freezing cold.... it is nothing if not interesting-you never know what you are going to get. like last night we had a severe thunderstorm watch....a day after a winter storm warning.

the only issue is that I am ready for summer--- or at least spring. I love winter...snowmen, sledding, skiing, ice skating are all great but I am ready for warm now.

The kids love it though. They are hardy. As long as it is not actively hailing they are asking or pleading or throwing themselves at the door begging to go out. Usually I let them. We are out in all of it..puddle walks, snowmen, sprinkler... there are activities for all weather.

Brian and I were the same way though when we were kids.... outside until someone made us go the summer we were out until 10 pm or so playing...I want my children to have the same. That is the best part of childhood...
What kids are supposed to in packs and have a fantastic time getting muddy and dirty and loving every minute of it.

Yes I am the mom who takes the kids out TOO play in the mud. I am the mom who lets them play in the stream even in chilly weather, I am the mom who a lot of other moms look at and are frustrated with because then their kids want to do what mine are doing.... But my kids have a fantastic time


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