I have been remiss

Friday, May 22, 2009

in keeping up here. I have been very busy outside enjoying the weather with the kids. My mom came and stayed for a few days for a truly momentous occasion: Princess graduated preschool. It was a huge occasion. One that she had been planning in her head for days. When the dress that she had worn the previous day needed to get washed before she wore it she was devastated and she said though tears 'this is not how I planned it!!!' It all worked out though. We got the dress washed in time for her ceremony.

That was a very busy day. We went to the arboretum to play with tadpoles and get slightly roasted. Then to lunch then to home to change then off to her graduation. She signed and sang and beamed and was thrilled. Then she crossed the bridge into kindergarten and received her diploma and memory book (do I need to frame this diploma like a college one?).

They had a party to celebrate and pictures were taken of friends...playdates planned hugs given and that was it. I am the mother of a graduate.


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