Excuse Me??

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yesterday Princess had a field trip to the zoo. I had forgotten that I volunteered to chaperon it. . in light of feeling hardly human and not totally capable of supervising my children let alone half a dozen other preschoolers....I was very nervous about the prospect.

In the end it was find of course the two younger children behaved themselves in their stroller and Princess paraded herself like a prize pony.

Since it was a nice day Princess had requested to wear a summer dress and I let her and it was actually a cute outfit. The problem?? When we got home she said that she wanted to wear that dress because she wanted the boys to like her....I was shocked. 'Excuse me???!!!! I immediately said. Seriously she is not yet five and she wanted a boy to like her. When did this start?! did I miss a memo? What the heck? Would it be appropriate of me to start dressing her in potato sacks now? What am I supposed to do?


felicia said...


I think I just had a heart attack right now.

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