New moms

Monday, May 18, 2009

I read a message board that has a section devoted to moms and their children. It is a place to vent, ask questions, try ideas, and in general get advice about some of the brain teasers that kids can throw at you.

Sometimes I am generally stumped by some of the questions. I feel for them when the vent. I cheer for them and their children...but sometimes I have to laugh a little. Moms can make some of the most mundane tasks into huge issues requiring extensive debate and research. Which makes me giggle a little and at times get frustrated. Why is this? Why the debate over the best sippy for oral development? Really?

Get through it. Sometimes you may not be the 'text book' mom but who really cares? You do your best.

So much of parenting at least in my experience is trial and error..try it.. if it works fantastic if not plan b (but having a plan b is also an important lesson)


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