Thursday, May 28, 2009

Those who know me know I have a deep love and affection for books. It has only gotten worse with age.

My bookshelves were getting a little overloaded and were starting to moan in protest to the absurd weight of the books I have collected over the years.

Until my Kindle arrived. I love my Kindle. I freely admit that I did not anticipate my adoration for an implement of technology when in most things I am so decidedly anti tech. However this device captivated me. and I am hooked. I love that I can cart several hundred books around with me where ever I go and not break my back or feel like a yak. I love that I can shop whenever I have finished my current read- no need to brave the book store with three kids, trek to the library (even though I am there more than I would care to admit), or wait for the UPS truck to arrive with my amazon purchases. I can search select, buy, and download with the press of a few buttons, and it recommends new books and authors to me based on my past reading. One of the other really neat features is that I can change the font size so if I want to I can read without my glasses...imagine that!

So this tech-phobe is sold on a Kindle.

The point of this was actually to discuss how hard it was for me to clean out my bookshelf. I started that the other day. It is awful. I get emotionally attached to books like some people get attached to pictures or old high school sweaters. I get attached to books. I cannot get rid of them. They are too wonderful. So I selected the books that I have not read or re-read in a year or more and put them in a rubbermaid tote. Now I have to find the courage to put it under the house. I need to realize that the books are there still... that I do not need to have them out. That I still remember the characters, the themes, and the plot. No matter what I will always remember reading my first copy of "A Little Princess" in bed with my mother. Whether the book is there or not. My memory of that will be there.


Jennifer said...

I can relate to holding on to books! I also really want a kindle but can't imagine not having books all over my house, or the weight of holding a book in my hand.

It literally took an act of God, flooding a basement where I stored my books, to get end up starting anew. A kindle would have saved me that stress of losing them all, even if you can't really put a signed copy of a book on a kindle, at least you can still have it to reread.

Thanks for the review as I've really been on the fence for one of these and you may have pushed me to 'the dark side'. LOL

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