Saturday, October 8, 2011

I have not been writing a lot because I have been too busy feeling like crap.

This pregnancy has been particularly demanding and very difficult. I have been diagnosed with Hyperemisis Gravidarum which is morning sickness on steroids.

It is awful. Constant nausea. Frequent vomiting. Fatigue. Dehydration.

Some people have compared dealing with HG as similar to how a chemo patient feels, without the hair loss.

It sucks because I am not the mom that I should be. I can't take my kids outside as much. Running and playing with them is out.

My family has had to make do with whatever food I can stand the thought of or smell of. It is very hard because there is no way to describe the feeling. So many people do not understand the relentless nausea and sickness. Some even say it is in my head.

My doctor has prescribed a few medications. Sometimes they can take the edge off. Often they do not. Often I can't keep the medication down. Frustrating.

Hyperemisis typically improves as a pregnancy progresses but it does generally last longer than typical morning sickness.

This is my last my pregnancy. I am trying desperately to enjoy it, but good heavens, I am struggling.


Sherie Snyder said...

Feel better Liz!

olive and love said...

I completely understand. I had this with my third. It lasted till about 25-30 weeks. I was sick as well with first two but it was debilitating with my third. Thanks for checking out my blog last week. Best of luck.

Just Me said...

I am hoping to feel better soon Sherie
Olive and Love- yuck! it is awful isn't it. Your blog is awesome!

Kella said...

I just found your blog formthe The Feminist Breeder and I know exactly what you're going through. I was never officially diagnosed with Hypermesis, maybe because I never got so bad as to have the dehydration, but I too had the Constant nausea. Frequent vomiting. Fatigue. until my 3rd trimester with my first. Hope you turn the corner sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

I had a PICC line with my last baby...that was a god-send. I had 24/7 anti nausea meds shot up through my iv line. Glorious!! With my middle child, they hadn't figured out PICC lines where I was, and I got down to 92 pounds while pregnant with him (I'm 5'8"). I feel for you.

Just Me said...

@Kella- it is slowly getting better. Now I may have a good day followed by only one bad day, instead of 4 or 5. I am 17 weeks now.

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