Why I made my choice

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I have gotten a few questions (heck- some people even advised me to terminate) this time through my pregnancy asking why I did not chose to terminate it, especially after beginning bad morning sickness.

It was not a secret that our family, though full of love and joy, is full. It was not a secret that pregnancy is hard for me physically and emotionally. Or that pregnancy is rife with risks for me- so given all of that, why am I choosing to stay pregnant?

Disclaimer- these are my thoughts and opinions as they pertain to me, my body, and my children. I do not intend to judge anyone- that's not how I roll.

Our family may be big. and loud. But we are full of love. I can not imagine my life without my any one of the kids. Simply put- there is always room for one more.

Each of my children have given me some amazing gifts. With out those- I would not be who I am. I may not even be alive.

The risks for me can be and are being medically managed. I have utmost confidence in my medical team.

While the life inside me- can't survive without me, he or she is special and loved. As he or she grows I love feeling he or she wriggle and move. To me- this life- is sacred.

An aside to Bean's mom- I am not referencing you above- you provided me with love and courage to look completely at all options available- thank you for that.


Cheryl Lage said...

Beautiful. All the very best to you and your increasing yours. :)

Breann said...

Why in the world would anyone tell you that you should terminate a pregnancy? I wish you well in your journey with this baby and you are a fabulous mom!

Just Me said...

@cheryl- thanks! we may run out of closet space- but never love!

@breann- I really do not think that they were trying to be hurtful. Though it was like a punch in my already sick stomach. Thank you for the complements, sometimes I am just yelly mom.

K Newman said...

I felt the same way when I got pregnant with number 5. My post about it is here:

Thanks for sharing; it's good to know you're not alone. And I hope you get some relief from the awful morning sickness soon. :(

P.S. Your kids' smiles are absolutely gorgeous!

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