New mom tattoo

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New moms are likely to get their baby's name or foot print tattooed on them. I think though that they should get the poison control number tattooed on them instead.

I had to call poison control today for only the second time in 7.5 years, which is not that bad of an average, in my opinion.

As the poison control number is not a simple three digit ditty like 911, it should be tattooed on every parent, or have the walls wall-papered with it. Something noticeable.

Because someone took my magnet off the fridge with the number on it, I was momentarily frozen. This is where my memory for numbers came in handy. I remembered it. (The number in case you should need it is 800-222-1222)

Thankfully, the incident was minor. Everyone will be fine. But I am writing the number all over my darn house.


Anonymous said...

I read a suggestion somewhere to program the number in your phone and I thought what a good idea and programmed immediately :)

Maegan said...

I have an 8 yr old & a 4 yr old. I have called TWICE for the 4 year old in her short little life! I use a cell phone with my "local" hometown number...even though I have moved out of state. Both times I called I was out of state & they routed me to a "local" poison control center...Which confused them & "messed up" their stats. Sorry your phone system routes based on area code, rather than cell tower calling from. ;) Anywho...Kid was fine both times...but I felt terrible that I've had to do it twice for the same kid.

Just Me said...

@anonymous yeah- I have no freaking clue how to program numbers into the phone. I am tech challenged

@Maegan 2 times is not bad! :) kids are quick!

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