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Friday, October 28, 2011

Seeing as this is far from my first pregnancy, I have gotten a lot of questions about what it feels like at various stages of pregnancy, labor, delivery. One of the most common questions I am asked is about water breaking.

Apparently, this is what a lot of new moms are really concerned about. My answer, by that point in pregnancy you'll be so relieved to be getting it over with who cares? (not that I have ever been that pregnant) This is followed up with the advice that it is far more likely that your water will not be a giant gush on the grocery store floor, and if it happens like that and someone gets upset with you, then clearly they have issues.

Regardless, this is not something to worry about. What should be worried about is the accidental pee-ing that comes along with pregnancy. Maybe it is because this is not the first baby for me, but I cannot run, jump, cough, or sneeze without pee-ing. I am a young poster child for poise pants. For now it is just a dribble, but later it can become a lot more and a lot more annoying.

Pee issues are far more likely in pregnancy that water breaking issues. Pee issues are not usually followed up with the arrival of a cute baby. Pee issues are also a lot more frequent. Water breaking is usually a one time shot, peeing? Many many many more times.

So my advice to expectant moms? Don't worry about the water. Worry about the pee.


Rebecca said...

LMAO! You hit it on the head, peeing is WAYYY more of a concern than water breaking. The doctors had to break my water each time, but I would gladly take 1 time of water breaking per pregnancy over the constant need to hold in my laughs, sneezes or coughs.

Ms Bibi said...

Lol, I absolutely agree....my water breaking was nothing compared to the pee situation.

Thank you so much for stopping by on my SITS Day I appreciate it very much.

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