My first Daily Method

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Since I can't take my normal and awesome pole dancing classes, I decided I would try a Dailey Method class. A few friends rave about them and figured that I did need to do something

On the whole- I enjoyed it. I even signed up for more classes.

However, it is not the same as pole dancing. There was not the emotional aspect that I have with pole.

Pole is like therapy for me. The Dailey Method- while not therapeutic was fun and I loved the workout. I appreciated the empowering and nurturing atmosphere, the helpful people, the great class, but I lacked the sensual release.


Shell said...

Really want to hear more about pole dancing classes! Heard it's such a good workout.

Just Me said...

It is amazing. I love love love love it. I am having the hardest time not pole dancing when pregnant it is AWFUL!

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