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Monday, October 31, 2011

The new baby is a BOY!

He was not shy at all. NewBaby is looking great and seems to be enjoying his cozy home.

I had a high-risk OB appointment and the doctor took a really long look at the baby. He kept saying that I am 'thin' so seeing the baby was really easy. Um- did you see the scale? I am not thin. But I am glad seeing the baby was easy.

The other kids loved getting a peek at the new baby, and we have begun discussing names for him (it is so fun to know what is coming!

So far Stinky wants to name the baby Gordon- after one of the engines on Thomas. Peas votes for 'newbaby'. Pixie thinks "Cookie" is the best choice. Princess has yet to weigh in.


Dorothy said...

I think that Gordon Cookie Newbaby is a perfectly acceptable baby boy name :-) Your kids have good taste!

Just Me said...

it is better than some celeb names!

Shell said...

Ha! Love the names!

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