Saturday, February 5, 2011

Peas had a speech evaluation the other day. I took her to the local preschool to interact with a speech therapist. The clinician met us in the office and immediately started to interact with Peas by getting down on her level and talking to her about Pixie.

The conversation went kind of like this (I have added the italics to interpret what I think Peas was saying)

Clinician "Hi, Peas, I am T! How are you"
Peas looks up and blinks "Hi"
Clinician "My name is T, whats your name"
Peas clearly, you know my name you just said it
Clinician "My name is T, what is your baby's name [in reference to Pixie]?"
Peas "Baby." Said with a smirk
Clinician "My name is T, what is your baby's name"
Peas "Baby" I just told you, have you paid any attention??
Clinician "My name is T, your name is Peas, what is your baby's name"
Peas "BABY" You are a lunatic. Obviously. I cannot be bothered with you, I'll go color.


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