Baby Got Back

Friday, February 18, 2011

During my year the "Year of the Stone", or the "Great Rocks of 2010", or my favorite "Kidney Crisis 2010", one of the things I missed most during recovering from procedures and surgeries was the ability to wear Pixie and Peas.

Baby-wearing is a huge part of my parenting. I am sorely outnumbered, so strategically placing the kids on and around me is key to any successful outing- or day- or even a shower.

However, when you have an incision on your back putting a 20 lb kid on it is not encouraged.

When that was reasonably healed I fell and trashed my wrist and was the proud owner of a hot pink cast.

Just when I was healed from that I had another surgery. This time four incisions on my abdomen. Again, an area that makes popping a kid on my front or back problematic.

It made getting around all sorts of interesting- and not the good kind of interesting.

Now however I am back in the the baby-wearing business. I am also the proud owner of a new Girasol wrap that is lovely. I even have a new favorite back carry: the Chunei Backcarry. Pixie approves too!


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