Stinky v. Hot Sauce.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

As a family, sometimes, when I am feeling brave, we go out for a meal. One of the more common places we go is Buffalo Wild Wings.

One time when we were there, I ordered my boneless wings "Hot" and Stinky decided that he wanted to try them.

I told him that they were very spicy and he may not like them but he was welcome to try them if he liked. He insisted.

After I handed him a fork with a small bite on it, his eyes began to water and his cheeks to flush. Quickly, he swallowed and gulped water. That would be the end of it right? No. Of course not. He wanted more. Again, I reminded him that the chicken was very spicy. Again, he insisted. This time after he swallowed it he began rubbing his tongue on the napkin in an attempt to get the 'hot' off. But he refused to admit defeat to the hot sauce.

Even now, he still likes to have a bite or two of my hot wings.


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