It snowed

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Did I forget to mention Snowpocalpyse: 2011 the Groundhog's Day Blizzard? Oh well, we must have been to busy playing in it.

Well it snowed. I expect snow. We live in Chicago. Snow is part of my expectation of winter. If it did not snow, I would be bummed. There are so many AWESOME things to do in the snow. There is sledding, skiing, skating, snow angels... all sorts of fantastic things!

It was a lot of snow to be sure. But, well, it ROCKED.

I was not so much concerned with the snow accumulation as I was with as the potential for our electricity to go out with the wind. Snow I can handle. Snow with four kids and no electricity... well, that could get interesting.

Thankfully, I had help keeping up with the snow so I did not have to wake up and shovel/snowblow 23" of snow in one fell swoop. When I went out in the morning, there was only about 10" to go through. My neighbor had to shovel, then snowblow... because it was too much.

My kids LOVED it. Just LOVED it. Not to mention White Fang the snow dog. She thought she had died and gone to a winter wonderland.

Here are some photos:


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