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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some of my friends in real life and online, have agonized over preschools. The curriculum, multi-lingual etc. I confess I didn't. I really didn't think to hard about it, I was busy doing other things.

I signed Stinky up at the beginning of the year at the park district preschool- they canceled his class for low enrollment, so I scrambled for a bit to try and get him in somewhere else for the fall, I really could use a break from playing trains! But I was unsuccessful.

A friend had raved about a preschool she found in the area called "Loretto Early Childhood Center". Seeing as she is the type of mother and woman I aspire to be- I trust her judgment implicitly and signed him up. As I was getting ready for surgery in the fall we decided to just start at the new semester when I would be feeling better.

Stinky adores it. I adore it. Heck I want to go to school there. I love watching him blossom under the love and direction of his teachers. Sister Julie loves and appreciates each child for the gift they are and celebrates them as an individual whole person. I LOVE this. The kids get outside and active and learn by experiencing and touching and playing. In the winter there is sledding too, what more could you ask for?? Perfect for my little inquisitive boy.

When I pick him up he is happy to see me- not because he is glad to leave but because he cannot wait to tell me what he did that day.

This is where Peas will go to school in the fall when she is old enough. She will be cherished and loved for the big ball of personality that she is. She will be encouraged to grow into an amazing girl who can light up the world with her passion.


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