Joy in odd places

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am writing this from the Pediatrics floor of a hospital where Pixie has been admitted for pneumonia.

My mother is at home caring for my other kids, two of whom are also sick.

There is joy and gratitude to be experienced though. I am grateful I have family to help care for my older kids. I am grateful I am able to snuggle Pixie. I am grateful that Pixie's illness is manageable. I am so grateful for the wonderful nurses, techs, and doctors who are skillfully caring for my baby.

Joy? I am snuggling my baby. Doing the best thing I can for her by being her. By being present in the moment and meeting her needs. By providing her with a sense of safety and love I am helping her the best way I can to recover.

I am finding joy in watching Pixie begin to feel better, from starting to smile and make eye contact to beginning to interact again. There is joy here.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Get well soon, Pixie

Tarrant said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. You are lucky to be blessed with family to care for the older children, leaving you to concentrate on the wee one.

Keep us updated as you can.

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