Mrs? Ms.? Mr.?

Friday, February 18, 2011

When I was growing up I called adults by their first names. My neighbor was Sue. Everyone, with the exception of teachers and clergy, were first names.

It did not mean that I respected them any less. They were still a person, just as much as I.

I do not believe that bestowing titles on people equals respecting someone. For the most part, I never really did and still do not understand the concept of a title. I am who I am. No need to be anything else. No need to put on false respect. No need for airs.

If someone 'above' me levels the playing field, I, if anything, respect them more because of their acceptance and respect for me.

Firmly, inherently, I believe that all people deserve respect. No more or no less than any other person.

Why? Why do people want the false respect with titles? What does it do for them? Is our cultural self esteem that low that we need to add grandeur to it?

This is not, by any means to say that I do not respect others, I do, but not because I call them a title.


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