and then wild dogs attacked...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I had a beautiful Indian dinner all prepared for my family. The aroma was delightful, the colors were fantastic.. I even went as far as to be concerned with presentation.... then wild dogs (my children) attacked and picked the bones clean.

When Pixie was in the hospital a few weeks ago I had the chance to watch TV. Actual shows that were targeted to an age group older than age 5.

I watched "Take Home Chef". First, it made me rethink going to the grocery store in my sheep pajama pants.

Second, on the episode I watched they made Tandoori Chicken. Which I could not get out of my head for days.

I had to have Tandoori Chicken. I planned an outing to Devon Avenue in the city to track down authentic food. That got pushed off (of course), but my desire did not wane.

In the end I decided to follow the recipe and make my own. I had to first locate all of the ingredients. Shockingly- everything was at Ultra Foods.

Obviously, I do not have a tandoor, so my cooking method was not entirely authentic. I did the best I could with what I had.

The color of the chicken was stunning (no food dye used!). The aroma filled my house. The kids asked what smelled so good.

Honestly, I went easy on the heat- because I really wanted my kids to enjoy it. They were apprehensive at best. After asking them to close their eyes and taste it they were hooked.

Our dinner was Tandoori Chicken, Cucumber Mint Raita, and Jasmine Rice. Wait, their dinner was. Not mine. They ate all of it. An entire chicken. Peas was eating the raita with a spoon. I wish I had naan but- nothing can be perfect right? Maybe next time.


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