Foolish But Fun

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recently Time Magazine ran a piece about how having children is foolish. They sited survey responses that indicated that childless people are happier than people with kids.

I will willingly and freely admit that being a mother is unbelievably hard. I mean yesterday I cleaned up pee, on the on the counter. Every time I think I get into the swing of things- someone throws a curve ball at me and I have change my tactics to respond.

Currently I juggle more than most professional clowns. I write, email, guide, help, clean the house, cook dinner, go shopping, do laundry, chauffeur, make lunch wake up, act as a counselor, a nurse, a negotiator, a friend, and a few hundred other tasks that I am too sleep deprived to think of at the moment.

If I slip up or make a mistake I am yelled at, reamed out, and humiliated.

But- If I had it to do over again, I'd still have kids.

Because despite the chaos, the expense, the sanity (really I am kidding) there are moments that bring me immense and incredible joy. Like the commercials, a price cannot be put on that.

I mean a babies first real smile at you- you cant say that it is foolish, or the enthusiastic greeting kids give you when you walk in the door... foolish? ehh not really.

Kids are the essence and of life and love. Seeing life through their eyes is at times exhausting but amazing- being a mom may mean it is my job to teach them about the world about life, but I have learned so so much from them.

Maybe the foolish ones are the ones who do not see the value in having and raising kids. From a practical side- who is going to be around when we are dead? Who will the doctors, the lawmakers, the police officers be if all decided having kids was a poor financial decision and based their decisions solely on that.

I think that the snuggles and laughter are more valuable than any bank account.

Besides, the desire to have children, is for many, a biological drive.

And maybe the love that comes with it just can't be reasoned out.


Angie said...

How true! I'm currently learning with one how much more fun AND accomplished I feel by being a mother than my previous years in the "professional world". Stopping by from SITS.

Have a great weekend!

Kimberly said...

Kids are messy and unpredictable. Both things fly in the face of what we WANT to deal with...but they're also joyful and amazing...It's all in how we look at it, right?

And I LOVE your paragraph about juggling all those things. Great image!

Stopped by from SITS today.

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