Another day, another ER visit- Humpty Dumpty should have had dermabond.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am beginning to think that living in my house for any length of time would be a great substitute for an emergency medicine residency (I am only slightly kidding).

A few weeks ago it was pneumonia and strep. Yesterday, we took a more traumatic turn with a cut chin and lacerated tongue.

Poor Pixie has been the patient at the most recent ER visits. She was super brave.

My kids are monkeys, they love to climb, everything. Normally it is perfectly fine. Yesterday, it was not fine. Pixie climbed and fell.

There was so much blood. I could not even tell where it was coming from. Teeth are the one think I really can't do. I get weak knees and nauseous; so when Pixie was screaming so much and there was so so much blood in her mouth I thought she knocked a tooth out.

Again, thank heavens for my neighbor, she came and helped me figure out what the issues were. She had a pretty nasty cut under her chin. It was deep- you could see the fatty tissue, and the edges were gaping. My mind swirled. I could not even think. What the hell am I supposed to do? How is this managed?? The only thing that I could think was I had to get her to a doctor. But I could not seem to move. I could not seem to think.

After a few deep breaths. I got a gauze square and some paper tape. Put it on her chin and got started. Thankfully my neighbor H, could watch the other kids while I went to the ER with Pixie.

The local hospital is fantastic. They got us right in, just like they did when she had pneumonia, and it was the same staff. We had the same PA and the same ER doc. They remembered her and were so reassuring to me and fantastic with her. Pixie was feeling better by the time we got to the ER. While we were in the room we played peek-a-boo and hide and seek around the cart. Obviously, she was not too traumatized.

The nurse put a cotton ball soaked in lidocaine to numb her chin. Which was fantastic. Pixie was super patient when the PA was examining her, and that is when he found the bite marks on the bottom of her tongue. They were so so deep and terribly close to her frenulum- but thankfully it was intact.

The chin laceration would require some help to close though. Stitches or Dermabond? Silently I prayed that Dermabond would suffice. It did. He chin stayed closed. We were free to go.

In and out in about an hour. Now Pixie has a great excuse to have milkshakes to be gentle to her tongue.


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