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Monday, March 28, 2011

no it is not superman--- it is a Suburban!!

GM was kind enough to loan me a Suburban to try for a bit.

When it arrived I was stunned at the size. I mean wow. I do not like big cars, I had a really hard time adjusting to my minivan even and this is even bigger- I was not sure I could handle it.

Added to that, for a long time I have had some kind of a stigma against GM and Chevy. I have no idea why but I had them labeled as crappy cars in my head... The Suburban is anything but. The Suburban is a-freaking-mazing.

It took me around the block to get comfortable with it. But driving it was so much easier than I had expected. The streets are pretty bumpy here in suburbia but the Suburban made the ride unbelievably smooth- like I could have totally handled the ride with kidney stones or in labor.

The Suburban that GM has loaned me has every single option in it that could be imagined, and then some. Again, I expected hell. Technology and I do not get along. Working the remote that says "watch TV" on it sometimes does not work for me. A car with more buttons than my laptop? Clearly, there will be issues. I just want the darn thing to drive.

But, oh, how wrong I was. I have never had a quieter drive (albeit all of 5 miles) than when I put a DVD in the player- and I did not have to curse at the thing once- it just worked!
The wireless headsets allowed me to not have to listen to the kid movie noise, nor did I have to untangle them to get them out of the car (even better).

Since the weather here changes its mind more than me when I am PMS-ing, I really appreciate the heated and cooled seats. I did not even know you could have cooled seats, but imagine not getting stuck to the seat when you get out of the car in the summer? That is a miracle.

Also in the things I never knew I needed category is the ipod usb thingy- super super cool. I love that- I can take my music with me! The stereo sound system- it is better than my tv at home.. it is just awesome

Something that I knew I would like but have resisted is the Navigation System- maybe the idea of the car being smarter than me scares me- maybe I just do not want to admit I am lost, but it is there, and I love it.

It is a lot easier to drive than I thought it would be- though I still parked it at the far back of the parking lot. All in all- it is a great car and has way more sex appeal than my minivan-- speaking of that-- there is a lot of room inside and the seats fold down super easy.

There are like, 20 more things I'd love to mention about how great this car is, but I think I have found my next car.

Shoot! I forgot the back up camera. I live in a neighborhood full of kids. Currently when I leave I have to ask the kids to get on the grass where I can see them but still back out stiff with fear that someone is going to yell that I have rolled over someone- this takes a lot of that anxiety away- totally love this.

Get this part on tape: I was wrong. GM/Chevy cars (the Suburban specifically) are great. They have fantastic quality and generally just freakin' aweomeness in a car.

Princess loves this car almost more than I do. She loves that Stinky can't reach her to harass her across the back of the seat. She also loves the cargo space ("think of all of the shopping", I am so in for it- she is only 6!) Of course she loves the DVD player- as all of the kids do.

Stinky loves the entire car, if you ask him he just says he can't pick what he likes best- I think though that he likes that he can buckle himself in easier.

Peas is stuck on the DVD player as is Princess- but what is not to like about that??

The kids have their own things they love about it- but I'll save that for a different post.

So I will cry a little when I have to give it back.


Connie Burke said...

Most authentic review, Liz! Loved it, and so glad that you were able to get past a preconceived notion. And I'm with Stinky - I love the entire being of the Suburban. And that's a LOT of love! Thanks again for giving one of our vehicles a fair shake. Appreciate it!

GM Communications

Anne said...

Wow, that's awesome you got to try it!
I just love your blog design- it's so cute!
I'm your newest follower : )

Anonymous said...

This is weird because I'm a new follower and we seem to have a lot in common. But my sister just lent me her car which is completely loaded down. (I am the only one i knew who still had to made contact with their car to unlock it). Anyway, my kids call it the "space car" - and as I just got home from the grocery store and closed the back of it with the remote I did a little dance. I haven't even tried everything, but the seats warm up it has so many plug ins, etc. I'm actually a little intimidated -- and the back up camera -- cool. I could get used to this.

Just Me said...

@justmewith I know! there are so many things!! I don't know what so many of the things do!

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