Peas is pefectly precocious

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Peas has it rough. She is not the oldest, she is not the youngest, she is not the only boy, she is just kind of stuck in there. So she has to make herself heard. And she does. She gets her share of attention, by hell or high water. She takes no crap from anyone.

These are fantastic characteristics in someone, they are admittedly hard to deal with in a child.

She snuggles and loves with every part of her. She demands the attention she wants and will not settle for less. She has her own personality that is bigger than life.

Peas does not take a challenge laying down. If there is a problem she will solve it. If I tell her she 'can't' (which has resulted in me trying to avoid that word) she takes it as a dare. To point I put a toy that was causing problems outside and she went out and got it. I put it back outside and locked the door. She went, got a stool, then unlocked the door and then got it- and came back in with a smirk on her face. With that kind of attitude I pity anyone who gets in her way.


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