7 is a lucky number

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tuesday Princess will be turning 7. I remember when she was turning 1- it does not seem like 6 whole years ago, but somehow it is. The saying is true, "the days are long but the years are short".

This birthday I am having a hard time with. 7 seems so old. So grown-up so big, so independent. It is sad you know? That good parenting is essentially working yourself out of a job.

7 just seems like she is so big even though 7 is not that much older than 6. There are no key responsibilities that come along with being 7- she does not get to drive, to vote, or to drink- and yet to me- 7 is a darn big deal.

In 7 years our lives have changed a lot. But where we are now is pretty good. Looking back- this journey has been so transforming. I am so blessed that G-d chose me to be her mama. Princess has been an amazing gift that I continue to be thankful for everyday.


Grams said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Princess. Our daughters are definitely a gift from above. Well, maybe with the exception of those teenage girl years. ;) Fortunately, they eventually become beautiful young women.

Stopping by from SITS Saturday link up.

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