Monday, May 23, 2011

Finding babysitters is the bane of my existence... one of them anyway.

Asking the right questions is key, but I get tongue tied and have no idea what to say. I worry about asking the wrong things and offending the sitter. I worry about not asking enough, about asking too much, about well everything.

So I take the easy way out and borrow other friends sitters. I really hope I do not offend my friends, and I am certainly not trying to "sitter poach". I use sitters pretty rarely as the entire thing stresses me out so much.

We have one sitter who has become more of a friend than anything. The kids adore her, and I think she is great. We were super bummed when she went to college but we still get to see her on vacations.

My kids are picky about sitters, and they love her, they have a great time with her- I can say, "hey... she's coming over!" and their noses are plastered to the windows looking for her. When she arrives, they hardly notice when I am leaving- they are more annoyed when I return...

So we have been blessed. And good sitters do exist.


Heather Reese said...

I need more money so we can get a sitter here and there. It's been YEARS!

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