I Have A New Bible

Sunday, May 22, 2011

... and I am only kind of kidding.

If you know my family you know that my kids are the very definition of spirited. For that matter- I have several traits that are characteristic of spirited people (who am I kidding- that book could have been written about me).

I got the book and started reading in an attempt at working with my kids. The book had be cracking up with laughter over so many things... the anecdotes reported about kids were things that I have been through almost exactly- or things that I put my parents through... on in particular caught my eye:

To paraphrase a kid told his parent it was not sunny outside.. (it was). The parent thought the child had lost his mind, and said that the sun clearly was shining. The parent and the child debated the sun shining or not shining fact for a few minutes. Finally, the kids said that the sun may be shining there- but it was not shining in China.

(I think I had that same debate yesterday)

Spirited kids are amazingly fun and amazingly joyful. They are also amazingly a lot. of everything.

Peas takes spirited to a new degree- one that I am not sure has ever been recorded. I have often said that she is intense, and that is exactly what spirited kids are. Everything has an intensity and an urgency to it... for a parent this is exhausting, especially with three other spirited kids to raise.

This book though gives me new perspective and helps me to understand myself better as well as the kids. So hopefully, we can learn to work better together.


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